Did you know...

Disability Inclusive Grantmaking is the mission of DFN: inclusion of disability in grantmaking programs and inclusion of people with disabilities in grantmaking organizations.

Ten Reasons to Join DFN

Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and …

  1. Regardless of your program focus, learn how to incorporate questions about disability access to programs and services in your grant review process in order to encourage all grantees to be inclusive of people with disabilities.
  2. Explore the cross-section of services to people with disabilities – the nation’s largest minority group – with your own grantmaking focus and learn how to integrate disability into your current program.
  3. Receive DFN E-News for comprehensive coverage of disability-related public policy, profiles of members’ grants and activities, upcoming events and other activities and trends to inform your staff, board and community. Access archives, as well.
  4. Network through listservs, teleconferences and other educational forums to connect and share expertise with grantmaking colleagues. Many events are offered in collaboration with other grantmaker affinity groups and regional associations of grantmakers.
  5. Make connections with national and local disability experts you can talk with to help formulate your strategies and programs.
  6. Access timely emergency preparedness and disaster relief material relative to people with disabilities for use in your own community leadership efforts.
  7. Participate in a project with DFN and The Foundation Center to improve the usefulness of The Foundation Center’s premier grants database to become more inclusive of, and useful to, disability organizations and grantmakers.
  8. Expand your technical assistance and capacity building efforts by referring disability organizations to DFN’s guide to researching and writing proposals for disability programs.
  9. Learn about accessibility and how to provide physical access to offices and meetings, how to offer materials in alternate formats and how to make your Web site usable to people who rely on assistive technology.
  10. Receive a 33 percent discount to the biweekly Disability Funding News, the only national periodical focused solely and directly on public and private funding for disability programs.