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Disability Inclusive Grantmaking is the mission of DFN: inclusion of disability in grantmaking programs and inclusion of people with disabilities in grantmaking organizations.

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Accessibility Tools

  • Alternate Formats for Printed Material
    A how-to guide for funders on creating documents on audiotape and computer disk, and in Braille and large print.
  • Creating Accessible Web Pages
    A brief overview of how to design user-friendly, browser-friendly sites; includes links to validation tools.
  • Please contact Disability Funders Network for availability of alternate formats at info@disabilityfunders.org or call 703-795-9646.

Education and Race

  • U.S Dept of Education National Center for Education Statistics: Fast Facts


Research from a recent, three-year study entitled, “Exploring the Bottom Line: A Study of the Costs and Benefits of Workers with Disabilities”, found that people with disabilities performed as well in jobs as those without disabilities. In addition, the study found that, of the 95 employees with disabilities involved in the study, accommodations were only required on 16 occasions (17 percent) and averaged $313. Read the full report at www.disabilityworks.org/downloads/disabilityworksDePaulStudyComprehensiveResults.doc.

Inclusion Toolkit

  • Now Available: Foundation Leaders’ Strategies for Greater Inclusion

WHAT: Diversity in Action: Strategies with Impact is the third in a series of publications highlighting voluntary efforts in diversity and inclusion within the foundation community. The publication, which is available free of charge, includes real-life examples of successful strategies that foundations have implemented to become more inclusive. Download free PDF versions of Diversity in Action: Strategies with Impact from the Council website.

WHY: Foundation leaders are faced daily with the reality of doing more with fewer resources against a backdrop of rapidly changing demographics. This monograph, intended as an educational tool, provides concrete ways to consider the role diversity and inclusion may have in achieving greater impact. It includes examples of:

Board development

  • Community outreach
  • Redefining grantmaking strategies

WHO: The series is issued by the Council on Foundations and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors in collaboration with the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers. It is funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which has had a longtime commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity in Action: Strategies with Impact contributors include:

Kimberly B. Davis, Managing Director, Global Philanthropy and President, JP Morgan Chase Foundation

  • David Dodson, Trustee, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
  • Mary Mountcastle, Trustee, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation and Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
  • Sandra R. Hernández, M.D., CEO, San Francisco Foundation
  • Kurt C. Organista, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Social Welfare, University of California Berkeley and Trustee, San Francisco Foundation
  • Terry Mazany, President and CEO, Chicago Community Trust
  • Kevin F. Walker, President and CEO, Northwest Area Foundation
  • Michael E. Roberts, President, First Nations Development Institute


  • Video: Small Differences. In this professionally produced award-winning 1995 production, elementary and middle school children were instructed on how to use a video camera along with basic interview techniques. They interviewed and recorded each other, their parents and other adults and children with various types of physical and sensory disabilities. Producer Tony Buba is currently doing a sequel and following up on the original children who were featured in the film to see how their lives have turned out 12 years later.
  • Paths to Inclusion: a resource guide for fully including youths of ALL abilities in community life (PDF)
    Developed by The Inclusion Task Force, which grew out of the Inclusion Initiative launched by the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation in 2003. Members: Boys & Girls Clubs of America; City of Eden Prairie, MN; The Corps Network; Girl Scouts of the USA; George Washington University; The HSC Foundation; Kids Included Together; Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation; SUNY Cortland; TASH; and Wilderness Inquiry.
  • Inclusion: The Right Thing to Do! (PDF)
    The Bubel/Aiken Foundation supports communities with inclusive programs, including the Let’s ALL Play summer camp initiative.
  • Fact Sheet: Embracing Inclusion Initiative (PDF)
    The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have undertaken this initiative to provide all their clubs with the tools and resources to serve all youth more effectively.
  • Disability and Inclusive Societies (PDF)
    A DFN publication that summarizes the social, human rights and economic cases for inclusion – and outlines opportunities for funders to further it.
  • Inclusion toolkit, including workbook and checklist
    Ernst & Young has developed a comprehensive approach to recruiting and supporting people with disabilities, including the AccessAbilities People Resource Network.
  • Questionnaire: Disability Rights and Inclusion
  • Inclusion Guide: Guiding Practices for Inclusion (PDF)
  • Developing Inclusive Programs: 10 Tips for Diversity Best Practices
  • Developing Inclusive Programs Organization Assessment Checklist
  • DFN is building inclusion funding collaborations in a minimum of three model markets: New York, the District of Columbia and California
  • DFN “IN“ Project
  • “Common Myths on Inclusion of People with Disabilities”, published in September 2007 by the Office of Women in Development, United States Agency for International Development
  • Building on a Better Foundation (PDF)
  • A Screening Tool for Disability-Inclusive Grantmaking
    A guide to help grantmakers assess the extent to which proposals/organizations include the issues, perspectives and participation of people with disabilities.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Working with Foundations to Attract Disability Funding

  • MS Word format (select Read Only) – Working with Foundations to Attract Disability Funding
  • PDF format – Working with Foundations to Attract Disability Funding

Cross-Currents in the Mainstream: Including Disability in Foundation Funding Priorities

  • MS Word format (select Read Only) – Including Disability in Foundation Funding Priorities
  • PDF format – Including Disability in Foundation Funding Priorities

Rationale and Benefits of Inclusion

Recommendations for Grantmakers

Recommendations for Grantseekers

Roles for Funders to Promote Inclusion of People with Disabilities and Older Adults

Understanding and Integrating Disability Rights: A Funders’ Guide

  • MS Word format (select Read Only) – Integrating Disability Rights
  • PDF format – Integrating Disability Rights