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Disability Inclusive Grantmaking is the mission of DFN: inclusion of disability in grantmaking programs and inclusion of people with disabilities in grantmaking organizations.

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DFN’s Mission


The Disability Funders Network (DFN) is a grantmakers’ affinity group whose mission is to promote awareness, support and inclusion of people with disabilities and disability issues in grantmaking programs and organizations. In carrying out its mission, DFN:

  • Works to increase the extent and effectiveness of grantmaking that benefits people with disabilities by
    • increasing grantmakers’ understanding that issues affecting people with disabilities extend beyond medical issues;
    • increasing the availability of quality information on disability as it relates to grantmaking; and
    • enhancing the ability of grantseeking organizations to communicate their current and proposed efforts to benefit people with disabilities to grantmaking organizations.
  • Educates grantmakers on the important role people with disabilities can play in effective philanthropy by
    • increasing awareness and interest in how to include people with disabilities in grantmaking organizations; and
    • providing funders with information on people with disabilities who can assist or become part of grantmaking organizations.

DFN’s mission, goals, objectives, activities and processes are informed by the following values:

  • The importance of inclusion
  • Awareness of the full range of the potential of all individuals
  • Appreciation of and respect for differences
  • Equality of voice and viewpoints